About us

Gotobike (located in Xiamen city Fujian) was established in 2008,so far we have supplied OEM origion-design carbon bikes for many brands in Europe and USA etc.

Our Faith:
We believe in power of origional designs,so far we developed popular models like WS03,WS12,WS13 etc.WS12 was used by Japanese women rider in 2012 Lodon's Olympic Games.WS03 is used by HRTC team(Holland),Tabriz Shahrdari UCI team(Iran) etc.
we pursue quality and high performance.Stable in decending corners
,sensitive in attack,comfirtable on rough roads,aerodynamic in the wind,this is all what we are after.

Research&Design teams:
Our designer,who brings world-calss expertise in designing for Formula 1 racing and worldtour cycling,head up the engineering team at  big company.

Mr. Miura was called ”King” in Japan,he was a pro rider and attended Olympic for 3 times.After he retired from pro team,he coached Giant Aisa team,Shimano UCI team,Asahi women team etc.

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